Pop-Can Pen with Carol DuBosch

Date(s): 09/19/2015
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

North Olympia Fire District Station


Pop-Can Pen with Carol DuBosch

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 19th
9:30am – 3:30pm
North Olympia Fire District Station
5046 Boston Harbor Drive NE

This exciting one-day calligraphic adventure begins with making an impressive brass, folded pen (rather than the cola can pen, although they will be shown). You will learn to easily craft your own writing tool, then learn to write an energetic, contemporary script with this new pen! Please arrive prepared with these supplies: Practice paper (Gilbert Bond works best, but other layout bonds are okay), ink: free flowing and non-waterproof, like Higgins ETERNAL or Walnut (from crystals), scissors, matches, cotton rag, masking AND duct tape, Sharpie marker, hole punch (standard circle size), embossing stylus (if you have one), 2 “handles” (i.e. pencil, ballpoint pen, bamboo, 1/4” dowel, ordinary stick, or toothbrush handle), something that would be comfortable in your hand and is the size of a pencil. We will work flat, so angled desks are not needed. It will be a super fun September day!

Click on the link for more information: 2015.09.19-Class-Carol DuBosch-Pop Can Pen-Nib’n-Inks