Seattletters in Bellingham – 37th International Calligraphy Conference

Date(s): 07/14/2018 - 07/21/2018
All Day

Western Washington University


Seattletters in Bellingham – 37th International Calligraphy Conference


At the August 9th board meeting of Write on Calligraphers in 2016, it was unanimously voted to sponsor the International Calligraphy Conference in the summer of 2018. Click on the following link for the website to Seattletters! The dates are July 14-21, 2018 and will be held at Western Washington University in Bellingham, north of Seattle. The Co-Directors are Katherine Malmsten and Sue Gruhn.

Click on the link Seattletters Brochure for downloadable and printable information.

Did you know that the class listing for Seattletters is up and running! Have fun browsing the website, for Seattletters ClassesEnjoy!

Held at the lovely location of Western Washington University in Bellingham.

Visit the website at for more information and registration.

Click on the following link for a two page brochure: Seattletters Brochure


WOC and Seattletters are proactively offering $1,600 scholarships to cover the double occupancy registration fee option to the conference.  We are seeking scholarship donations in any amount as well as cash sponsorships for the traditional, fun social events everyone is looking forward to.  Sponsors enjoy many benefits in addition to feeling proud about continuing a 37-year old tradition for their favorite type of people in the whole world.  Conference volunteers will add a sponsor’s product or insert to the 450 participants’ welcome bags. Our international faculty members and attendees will go home and share these new products and ideas with their students, colleagues and fellow guild members.  Sponsor names and logos will be prominently displayed at social events they have sponsored while all sponsors will be recognized in our social media and programs.

Information on sponsoring scholarships and/or social events on the Seattletters website can be found at

Contact us with any donation or sponsorship questions or to suggest a person, organization or company whom we can invite to become a sponsor.

A special message for WOC members about a Scholarship to Seattletters for a Current WOC Member

Please thoughtfully consider WOC’s responsibility, as the host guild, to ensure this calligraphic experience for one of our own who needs assistance to attend the conference.  We have 160 members (okay 164) and each scholarship is $1,600.  What if every WOC member donated $10 and together we changed someone’s calligraphic journey forever?  For only $10?  That’s an amazing investment don’t you think?

This investment breaks down to less than $1/year since WOC hosted the Black and White Conference in 2006.  It will probably be another dozen years, maybe more, before we host another international lettering arts conference.  Please be part of this project by sending a check for $10, or more if you like, payable to “Write on Calligraphers” with “WOC/Seattletters Scholarship” in the memo to the secure mailbox at:

WOC Scholarship
9302 NE 135th Street
Kirkland, WA 98034

Please mail your check no later than May 15th or click on  to use Paypal.

Marita Sheeran
Seattletters Sponsorship Coordinator


We are excited for the upcoming conference of Seattletters in Bellingham! Our conference is run by volunteers and we invite you to use your talents and service abilities to help the conference run smoothly. There are service opportunities open outside of class time that we invite participants to fill. We also welcome family and friends. Please consider becoming a part of our volunteer community! We need your help and believe that you will get to know others and have fun in the process! You may:


1) Fill out this form (click here)and mail to Seattletters Volunteer Coordinator c/o Becky Kelly 11264 132nd Ave. NE Redmond, WA 98052

2) Fill out, scan and email to

3) For those registered, fill out the Conference Preferences tab on the Seattleletters website


Please circle all areas of your interest for service. Nearing the conference, you will be contacted with information and times for the needed help by the appropriate chair leader. Truly, THANK YOU for your help!

Transportation – Drivers needed to and from airports and train stations.

~~     Arrival: pick-up for instructors and participants as they arrive. Drive to the conference to drop them off. This would be outside the regular arrival times for shuttles on Friday the 13th; or for arrivals not at SeaTac.

~~     Some dates may be before the conference. Some arrivals could be on Wednesday the 11th or Thursday the 12th.

~~     Drivers need to use their own vehicles.

~~     Patience needed if arrival times get delayed. We should have all the flight and travel information available in our database to pass along to you!

~~     Locations for pick-up: SeaTac and Bellingham airports; Amtrack. Therefore, we need drivers available to help in both the Seattle and the Bellingham areas!

~~     Departure: This would be for departures outside the shuttle times, or for departures not at SeaTac. Pick up instructors and participants from the conference and drop off at airports or train stations.

Airport Greeters – Greet instructors and participants as they arrive and help give directions for the next leg of the journey to the campus.

~~     One or two volunteers to cover the baggage areas. Set in blocks of time about 3-4 hours. Bring a friend to join you or meet a new friend!

~~     Cell phone needed to make connections with those arriving.

Housing – Help prepare rooms at the conference.

~~     Dorm signs should go up on Friday the 13th.

~~     Help with welcome bags and delivery.

Signage – Put up signage around the campus.

~~     Directions to various locations; arrows; other signs as needed. This includes classrooms signs.

~~     Help needed on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th.

Facilities – Setup before and after the conference. (The college will move/arrange the tables)

~~     Help needed to cover the tables with roll paper.

~~     Help needed to organize and distribute buckets of supplies to the classrooms.

~~     Help needed clearing off paper from the tables and collect any leftover supplies after the conference.

Exhibitions – Hang banners, etc.

~~     Help needed on Friday the 13th to hang conference and guild banners and help with other exhibits.

Registration – Day of arrival; 10 people needed.

~~     Time: starts at 11:30 AM

~~     Help arriving participants check-in and pass out the conference packets.

~~     Direct people to areas of interest.

Gallery Sitter – Available at the art gallery.

~~     One person during non-class hours to look after the visitation time for the art exhibit each day.

Hospitality – Available for the evening functions.

~~     Greeters at the door and runners to help with all hospitality needs.

~~     Prepping faculty baskets and delivery.

~~     Attending to refreshments area.

~~     Available to help in various capacities for the faculty dinner, the evening socials and receptions.

~~     Greet attendees at the doors and check name tags before the Sunday evening program.

~~     Possibly picking up and delivery of alcohol for the evening socials.

Please indicate the days you are available to volunteer:

_____ Wednesday, July 13 – transportation

_____ Thursday, July 14 – transportation

_____ Friday, July 13

_____ Saturday, July 14

_____ Sunday, July 15

_____ Monday, July 16

_____ Tuesday, July 17

_____ Wednesday, July 18

_____ Thursday, July 19

_____ Friday, July 20

_____ Saturday, July 21

Please indicate the time slots you are available:

_____ 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM

_____ 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

_____ 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM


NAME _____________________________________________

CELL PHONE ________________________________________


CITY __________________________          STATE ________  COUNTRY _______________