WOC September Meeting – Pointed Pen Flourishing Fun!

Date(s): 09/12/2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



WOC September Meeting – Pointed Pen Flourishing Fun!
Our September 12th evening program will provide an opportunity to try your hand at pointed pen flourishing using a tool that you create from a round chop stick and a Hunt 101 nib. The lesson and handouts have been generously made available to us by Hoang Dao, superb  calligrapher  and teacher from Hanoi.  Those of us who were able to take his two day workshop this past July will share their experience.
Bring if you have these supplies: A round chopstick* and Hunt 101 nib* ( Leonardt Principle, or Brause EF66)
Smooth surface paper* (such as Canson  Pro Layout Maker paper, Clairfontaine, or other paper you have)
Walnut ink, Higgins Eternal, or other good flowing ink*
*** We will supply extra of all of the above for your use.
Supply fee: $5 to cover handouts, paper and extra supplies.