We are saddened to inform visitors to this site that our Washington State Registered Non-Profit organization is currently in the process of being dissolved. However, there is a gathering being planned for September 9, 2023 in Edmonds and all members will be invited. We will devise a secure way to sign up to attend and that will be posted on this website. We hope that this celebration of the important functions of this organization will bring together many devotees of calligraphy and the related arts. All food and beverages will be provided and funded by the reserved assets of WOC.

Write on Calligraphers (WOC) is a Pacific Northwest nonprofit organization of artists who share and promote a love of letters and the paper arts.

Worldwide Listing of Virtual Workshops & Classes for Calligraphers

The current state of Covid 19 precautions has allowed a flourishing of online instruction available to calligraphers. WOC tracks many instructors who now teach virtually. Click here to link to John Neal Books where a current listing of national and international learning opportunities can be found: https://www.johnnealbooks.com/prod_detail_list/online-classes

Calligraphic painting by Laura Sasaki Norton


Tips & Tricks Ideas and tips for learning calligraphy submitted by WOC members.