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Every spring, WOC sponsors Letters of Joy; a festival for lettering, paper and book artists. This popular one-and-a-half-day mini conference regularly attracts more than 250 participants and vendors. The conference and accompanying exhibit are dedicated to the memory of Kathleen Joy O’Brien, whose passion for letters helped to establish the dedicated calligraphic community that now flourishes in the greater Seattle, WA area.

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LOJ2020 Brochure and Registration Form


Below is a message from Janice Hammock and Katherine Malmsten, Co-Chairs of LOJ

March 15, 2020

Last week, we met to discuss the situation with the virus and the possibility of cancelling Letters of Joy. At that point, we had hoped to give it some time before making the decision; however, with the rapid escalation of the coronavirus into pandemic status, health recommendations for many of our potential attendees, cancellations of school and other gatherings, and today’s recommendation by the CDC as well as the directive of Governor Jay Inslee to limit gatherings to under 50, we have regretfully come to our decision.

Letters of Joy will not be held this year. Neither will the two day workshop following. Randall Hasson has graciously agreed to be our keynote speaker for 2021, and we look forward to seeing him then.

This was a difficult decision to make, but one we feel is in the best interest of our members and our community.

Thank you for your past and future support.


LOJ is being held at Shoreline Community College in Shoreline, WA. The dates are May 1-2. Please join us again as we gather to celebrate lettering & book arts. Or come for the first time and participate in connecting with others in the love of beautiful writing. We look forward to seeing you there!



Randall Hasson

Randall Hasson is our keynote speaker. He is an artist, calligrapher, instructor and speaker who has appeared on the faculty of Arts, Lettering Arts, and Educational Conferences in the United States, Canada and England. He has appeared as a mainstage presenter and/or teacher with lecture topics covering Public Art, Art History, the Painting Process, Collaborative Art Projects, and the History of Writing including the recent invention of the ADLaM Alphabet which originated in western Africa. He is the co-editor of the 24th (Centennial) Edition of The Speedball Textbook, and is currently writing a history titled The Speedball Story: Teaching America How to Letter, due to be published by Letterform Archive in 2020.


Access to Brochure & Registration: Click on LOJ2020 Brochure and Registration Form, download and print the brochure. Then, find the instructions for registration in the brochure.

Slider: Scroll down to view the Slider with photos of the class projects provided by our class instructors.

Registration Highlights:

◊⊗◊ Make checks payable to Write On Calligraphers. Mail payment, in U.S funds, with completed form to: Letters of Joy 14253 92nd Place NE Kirkland, WA 98034-5149. See brochure for more details

◊⊗◊ If using PayPal, you will also need to fill out and mail the completed registration form. See below for additional PayPal information.

◊⊗◊ Mail on or after March 16th. Class assignments will be made in order of the received postmarks. Registrations post marked earlier than March 16th go to the bottom of the inkwell. Deadline for pre-registration is April 22nd.

◊⊗◊ Be sure to choose your lunch selection found on the registration form; for pre-registration only.

◊⊗◊ The venue does not allow for outside food. You may bring your own food if you have allergies or dietary restrictions for personal use.

◊⊗◊ All LOJ participants must be at least 16 years of age.

Mailing List: If you are unable to attend LOJ this year but would like to remain on the mailing list for future events, please check the appropriate box and send to the above address.

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Our volunteers are essential to this anticipated yearly conference! Most LOJ Chair positions are held by the relevant board members and all require volunteer assistance from the membership to be successful. Those on the committee chairs positions need your help. Would you consider helping and letting us know where we can count on you? Please select where you would like to participate and email the information to Janice Hammock or phone 206-322-5007; or Katherine Malmsten; text at 425-652-6427. Thank You!

Silent Auction – Chair: Lisa Tsang
•April 27, 2020 Basket Building for Silent Auction; Location – Kirkland
•May 1, 2020 Monitoring Silent Auction Items
•May 2, 2020 Monitoring Silent Auction Items
LOJ Folder Bundling – Chair: Brigitte Hefferan
April 29, 2020 Button & Folder Party; Location – Mukilteo
Vendors – Chair: Mary McLeod
•May 1, 2020 Assist Vendors Set-Up; Location –
Instructors – Chairs: Nan Robkin & Kathy Barker
•May 2, 2020 Assist Classroom Set-Up; Beginning at 8:00 AM
Exhibits – Chair: Susan Gayle Welsh
•May 1, 2020 Assist Displaying Exhibit Pieces
•May 2, 2020 Assist Dismantling Exhibit Grid
Registration – Chair: Sue Gruhn
•May 1, 2020 Assist in Distribution of LOJ Folders and name Buttons
•May 2, 2020 Assist in Distribution of LOJ Folders and name Buttons
Hospitality – Chairs: Janice Hammock & Nancy Hammock
•May 1, 2020 Cut and Serve Cake Following Lecture
WOC Table – Chairs: Janice Hammock & Nancy Hammock
•May 1, 2020 Be at WOC table to hand out exhibit forms, direct people, help with Silent Auction payment collection, other duties

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LOJ2019_Thumbnail_Silent Auction Donation Form_2019-02-08.LTChair: Our Chair for the Silent Auction this year is Lisa Tsang.

Silent Auction: We need your donations for the Silent Auction! To help raise funds in support of WOC, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, a silent auction is traditionally held on Friday and Saturday. We would appreciate your help in streamlining our auction by making sure your donations are in good condition and are related to calligraphy and book arts. It is a wonderful feeling to share the things each of us have loved with calligraphers of all levels!

We will be accepting new and gently used:

Calligraphy/Art Supplies – ink, nibs, pen holders, paper, watercolors, gold leaf, other
Books – calligraphy, book arts, paper crafts, card making, watercolor, other
Magazines – Bound & Lettered, Letter Arts Review, Somerset, other
Artwork ~~ Cards ~~ Frames
Bookmaking Supplies – needles, glue, threads, paste papers
Gift Certificates – art stores, gift shops, restaurants, coffee shops
Sporting Event Tickets – Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, other
Museum Tickets, Concerts, Plays

Bring small donations to the March 10th to the WOC meeting or contact the volunteer closest to your area to arrange a time to donate supplies along with the completed Silent Auction Donation Form by April 24, 2020. Perhaps you have longed to sort through collected calligraphic and art supplies in your home and become better organized. This is a great opportunity to donate new or gently loved calligraphic items that would bring joy to others. Lisa will send a receipt and thank you to help with tax purposes. Thank You sincerely, for your consideration.

Volunteer Donation Drop-off Locations:

Eastside: Sue Gruhn, sps1200@frontier.com
Seattle: Janice and Nancy Hammock, jdhammock4@gmail.com
North End/Mukilteo: Brigitte Hefferan, brigittehefferan@msn.com
Edmonds: Gayle Waddle-Wilkes, nibnut@hotmail.com
Mt Vernon: Sharyn Sowell, russellandsharyn@gmail.com
Bellevue/South End: Lisa Tsang, lisa.tsang@outlook.com

The Bundling Party: is scheduled for April 27th at Sue Gruhn’s home; 10 AM.

The Folder/Button Party: will be held at Brigitte’s home April 29th; 10 AM.

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Be inspired as you look over the photographs with samples provided by the talented teachers. Click on the LOJ2020 Brochure and Registration Form for class descriptions and supply lists.

Hover over (or touch) the image below to view the right & left arrows on either side of the image. The instructor’s name and class are to the lower left of the image as viewed from a computer. [For hand-held devices, please note that the class photos are arranged in order of the instructor’s name shown below.]

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Instructors and Classes:

Randall Hasson: Writing With a Bent Nib
Jim Ballard: Paper Folding Techniques for Calligraphers and Designers
Kathy Barker: Uncials For All Seasons
Janice Berkebile: Watercolor Lettering
Anne Bingham: Carousel Book
Erin Camemo: Digital Brush Calligraphy
Jocelyn Curry & Rick Asher: Team Approach – Antiphonal School
Gretchen Ehrsam: Book With Seven Hidden Boxes
Selene Fisher: Mandala Grams
Brigitte Hefferan: Carolingian
Karyn Jeffreys: Daring Do(odles)
Laura Norton: Flat Brush on Fabric
Nan Robkin: Small Collages
Linda Schneider: Kindness Calligraphy
Cathy Shiovitz: The Hebrew Alphabet – Then and Now

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For WOC Members:
$110.00 for All-Event Package
$140.00 for All-Event Package plus WOC renewal membership for 2020-2021
($145.00 for U.S. for Canadians)

For Nonmembers:
$130.00 for All-Event Package
$140.00 for All-Event Package plus WOC membership for 2020-2021
($145.00 U.S. for Canadians)

For Friday Evening Program Only:

Payment Method for Registration:
1. Checks – preferred method of payment
2. PayPal – remember to fill out and mail your LOJ2020 Brochure and Registration Form; even if using PayPal

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LOJ2019_Thumbnail_PayPal Instructions_2019-02-08.SG-BKPayPal:
Write On Calligraphers now provides PayPal available to WOC members. PayPal can be used for membership payments, workshop payments, and Letters of Joy. The email address for making these payments is writeoncalligraphers@gmail.com. Please use the above email address for all WOC Registration and Treasurer business. Deadline for pre-registration is April 22nd. See brochure for more details.

PayPal Account:
* The person using PayPal for Write on Calligraphers must have a personal PayPal account:

* Sign up for a free personal account at www.paypal.com

* Add a credit card or bank account to the PayPal account. (This is the account that money will be withdrawn from to pay for anything using PayPal)

* Click on “Send Money To “ and enter writeoncalligraphers@gmail.com

* Enter the amount of money you want to send to WOC

* Confirm the payment method and click “Send Payment Now”* Download and print the LOJ2020 Brochure and Registration Form to register

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Shoreline Community College
16101 Greenwood Ave N
Shoreline, WA 98133

For those traveling from a distance view the Lodging Options.

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FRIDAY: 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM

5:30 – 7:00 Registration; Pagoda Student Union Building (PUB)
Preregistered guests pick up name badges and a program.
Vendors, exhibit drop-off, and silent auction are within the PUB
Unregistered guests for lecture and reception are welcome; pay $5.00 at the door
7:00 – 10:00 Welcome, Dewey Award presentation, Featured Speaker, and Refreshments
Keynote: Randall Hasson, The Speedball Story

SATURDAY: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

8:00 – 5:30 Doors open; including registration for Saturday-only guests
Hospitality, Vendors, Exhibits
Free access to vendors and exhibits for the general public
9:00 – 11:00 – Session I
11:00 – 12:30 – Lunch in the PUB
Food provided to those who are preregistered by April 22nd
12:30 – 2:30 – Session II
3:00 – 5:00 – Session III
5:30 – Doors close

* Lunch included on Saturday for those preregistered by mail only; see brochure for list of options.
** Hospitality will be provided by the college because of Health Department rules. For your own personal needs, bring your own snacks with your dietary preferences.

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LOJ2019_Thumbnail_Frequently Asked Questions_2019-02-08.JHTo view commonly asked questions regarding LOJ, please click on the link to read our LOJ Frequently Asked Questions handout. If you have additional questions, please Contact WOC.


View the brochure for a Basic Supply List, classes offered and teacher materials fee. For a more in-depth supply list and calligraphic information, check out this WOC Extended List.

View information about the Scribe’s Table in the brochure.

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LOJ2019_Thumbnail_General Scholarship Application Form.2_2019-01-17.BKStudents:
Eight scholarships will be offered to high school and college students, age 16 and over. Seattletters is also offering one scholarship to a high school and college student. To apply, fill in the Student Scholarship Application Form. The form is to be filled out in your everyday handwriting and mailed or emailed to one of the addresses below. Mail this form along with the LOJ2020 Brochure and Registration Form to the address below or via email. Applications must be received by April 10th, 2020.

Three scholarships will be awarded to qualifying teachers. For more information, view the Teacher Scholarship Information Form. To apply, fill in the Teacher Scholarship Application Form. Mail this form along with the LOJ2020 Brochure and Registration Form to the address below or via email. Applications must be received by April 10th, 2020.

Details for Student and Teacher Scholarships:
In addition, WOC would appreciate if each person awarded a scholarship would write a short article for our Write on Calligraphers newsletter after the conference.

For Questions:
Contact Sue Gruhn at 425-821-3164 or contact at writeoncalligraphers@gmail.com.

Send Applications to:

Sue Gruhn
Attention: LOJ Scholarships
14235 92nd Place NE
Kirkland, WA 98034-5149

Email: writeoncalligraphers@gmail.com

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Letters of Joy:
Participants are encouraged to share their artwork at LOJ. The grid display system will be in the main meeting room at the PUB. All artwork must have a hanging wire for attachment to the grid. We cannot display books. Work can be for sale or NFS. A 10% commission is charged for each sale. Forms will be provided on site to identify each piece.

Exhibit Chair: Susan Gale Welch 206-523-9649

Future Exhibit Opportunities for Calligraphers:
We encourage all members to enter their work in local exhibits. Check out these opportunities:

WOC Events Page:
Check Events, Exhibits & Classes on the WOC website throughout the year for upcoming exhibit plans to participate in. These are great opportunities to show your work and to educate the public about calligraphy as a fine art!

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WOC 2014 RaffleThe Bill Henderson Scholarship Fund raffle tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. Prizes to be awarded are a five-night stay at The Pines, Sunriver, Oregon; four-issue bundle of Letter Arts Review (not a subscription); two one-year memberships to WOC. Purchase tickets at LOJ or include a check with the tickets from the Raffle Form with your LOJ registration. Enjoy!


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LOJ2019_Thumbnail_Scribe's Table_2019-02-08.BKThe Scribes’ Table is a great place to sell your calligraphy, art work, paper products, and all things related to calligraphy for a 10% commission fee. If you are a member of WOC or a teacher at LOJ, you are qualified to offer your treasured creations for sale. Over the years we have sold hand decorated quilted wall hangings with lettering, numerous cards, framed or matted art work, books, kits for paper projects, ink wells, bookmarks, lettered kitchen towels, and handmade journals. To receive Detailed Information and an Inventory Sheet (which is mandatory), and your pricing code (so you get paid for the sales) contact Kay Lewis – adding Scribes’ Table in the subject line. Extra inventory sheets will be available the day of LOJ for any late decision makers.

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Shopping at LOJ include these vendors: Timothy Leigh Pens, WOC Scribes’ Table, Fran Strom Calligraphy, Black Thumb Vintage Inkwells and Nibs, & Vincent Alindogen.

John Neal Bookseller will not have a retail section at LOJ2020. Pre-orders from JNB are available including a large selection of books, inks, pens, and art supplies. Paper can be ordered and sent to your home for a shipping fee. Pre-ordered materials, other than paper, will be available for pickup at LOJ. The pre-order deadline, with free shipping, is April 17th. Teacher supply lists are available at JNB.

Vendors are open during regular event hours on Friday evening and Saturday hours to participants and the general public.

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LOJ2019_Thumbnail_WOC_Membership Form_2019-02-08.BKIf you wish to become a member of WOC, download the Membership Form. Please fill this out and follow the instructions for registering. Thank you.




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