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Uncial Alphabet, by Kathy Barker

Artwork by Kathy Barker.

“People who are drawn to calligraphy are people with beautiful ideas, seeking new ways to express themselves. I never met a calligrapher I didn’t like. They have enriched my life.”

– Dewey Henderson, First President of Write On Calligraphers

In 1980 Kathleen Joy O’Brien, the calligrapher and teacher who had inspired many calligraphers in the Puget Sound Area, died of cancer. Kathleen had been secretary to the President of Edmonds Community College. Through this close association, ECC became a hub for calligraphy classes, workshops and, in 1981, the site for Letters of Joy, still held there annually. In 2016, we moved the location of LOJ to Shoreline Community College

As it became clear that Kathie would not survive her cancer, and knowing that one person alone could not carry on the work of this nurturing woman, 26 calligraphers met in June of 1980 to begin the process of becoming a nonprofit organization. Dewey Henderson was elected the first chair; Linda Riddle was elected secretary/treasurer and LaVon Stiles took on the role of newsletter editor. A generous gift from Kathie’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jolly O’Brien, provided the seed money for Write On Calligraphers. The first newsletter was mailed to 85 members.

Workshops, classes, exhibits and publications have grown in number over these many years. We welcome you to join us as we explore new worlds of calligraphy: elegant handwriting and its attendant art forms. We study a multitude of letter forms, design, color use, tools and materials—both historic and modern—and share what we know with all who wish to learn.

Write On Calligraphers is a 501(c)(3) organization which was founded in 1978. We accept tax deductible donations for our library, which is open for the use of our membership, as well as various donations for our annual auction held at Letters of Joy each year. Thank you for your consideration.