Write On Calligraphers | Brush-Written Imperial Romans by Paul Herrera

Brush-Written Imperial Romans by Paul Herrera

Date(s): 08/27/2016 - 08/29/2016
All Day



Brush-Written Imperial Romans by Paul Herrera

Friday evening lecture is open FREE, to all WOC members:

The Life and Times of Edward M. Catich is a power point biographical lecture about the life of Reverend Edward M. Catich. The struggles and successes of Father Catich are told through photographs, video and examples of his own artwork. Follow young Catich through his training in the orphanage, experiences as a sign painter in Al Capone’s Chicago, adventures at the North American University in Rome and his studies of the Imperial Roman lettering on Trajan’s column in Rome with Paul Herrera, his last apprentice. Herrera brings the spirit of Father Catich to life with voice imitations and anecdotal stories of what it was like to work with a true letter arts master craftsman.

Saturday & Sunday Workshop:
Note: The workshop is now full. You may sign  up for the waiting list. Contact Lisa Leong-Tsang at 425-644-8672.


This workshop will guide you through a hands-on understanding of the Imperial Roman Alphabet as you utilize an inside-out approach to these timeless letterforms. You will learn the special characteristics and ‘personality’ of the brush as contrasted with hard-tool calligraphy while practicing the essential elements of the classical Roman. Before the workshop is done you will move on to writing out the entire alphabet in the same manner as the ancient Roman inscription maker would do prior to cutting the letters in stone. A short inscription cutting demonstration will be provided as an addition to the class.


Trajan Inscription majuscule letterforms as models*

Photo copy of Father Catich’s Trajan Inscription from “Letters Redrawn”

Monoline “Ideal Letters”

How to cut and shape a reed for writing

Discussion of cant and its effects

Reed Written majuscule letters, stroke sequence and direction

The Brush and its handling

Brush manipulation

*All handouts are supplied at no cost to the student

SUPPLIES you bring to class:
Water container
Tempera or gouache colors

SUPPLIES I will bring for you
($10 materials fee per person):
 ¼ inch Soft bristle brush
Reed pens
Newsprint paper

Bonus sidebar –Inscription cutting demonstration