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On Line Courses with Reggie Ezell

Date(s): 11/01/2018 - 12/31/2019
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On Line Courses with Reggie Ezell

FREE: Pre-Lesson Session! Calligraphy at Home:


 Free: Pre-Lesson Session! – Begins November 1st

(See active links below for details and details on the online courses)

 Admit it! You’d like to take an on line lesson (or course) but the idea of navigating the technology is intimidating. That is why we can have a free “Pre-Lesson Session” (about one half hour) together. I’ll take you through all of the scary (not really) buttons to push.

Email me at [email protected]. It would really help both of us if you watched the brief videos on the links below before we have our “Pre-Lesson Session”.

Hope to see you soon on line. Reggie Ezell

These are the ACTIVE links!:

“This is How it Works” https://tinyurl.com/ycvocryg

“How to Register for Zoom on Computer and Smartphone” https://youtu.be/DT5rTxTWcCQ

“Set Up for Calligraphy Zoom Meeting” https://youtu.be/w-jOTKp4150