The Board

The 2017 – 2018 Board of Directors & Committee Chairs

Description of Duties

President – The President of the Board of Directors for Write On Calligraphers (WOC) supervises all activities of the Corporation. She/he presides at all meetings: board meetings, held in February, April, June, August, October and December; and General Meetings, held in January, March, September and November.The May meeting is the Corporation Annual Meeting and includes a potluck dinner and wrap-up for the Letters of Joy Annual Conference, held the first weekend in May. The president “manages” the board activities and facilitates all decisions made on behalf the membership.

Vice President – The Vice President plans the General Meetings, obtains speakers/presenters, sends out notices of the programs and arranges for the meeting space. The Vice President also assists the President, and may be called on the act in the place of the President as needed.

Treasurer – The Treasurer  manages the financial records which includes processing all income and expenditures as well as maintaining the checking and savings accounts. The Treasurer is the primary signer on the checking account and has monthly and annual duties in addition to accounting duties for workshops, membership and any related as needed duties.

Secretary – The Secretary keeps all records to WOC, takes minutes for meetings and distributes them to the board. Minutes are available for general membership upon request.

Newsletter Chair – The newsletter chair is responsible for creation, production and distribution of WOC publications, including, but not restricted to, three bulletins and three newsletters each year.  Three electronic bulletins are sent to the current members via email. The newsletter, Uniquely Ours, is a print publication and is sent out to members via the U.S. Postal Service.

Webmanager – The Website Manager is responsible for collecting and disseminating information, via the Web, to publicize organization activities for both the members and the general public. The Manager will update members art contributions into the site and maintain archives of workshop presenters, Letters of Joy presenters and organization history. Materials to be included in the website are at the discretion of the Webmanager, in consultation with the members of the Board.

Hospitality Chair – The hospitality chair organizes general-meeting treats, usually provided by members who have signed up at prior meetings to bring snacks, and starts the carafes for coffee, hot water, tea, etc. The chair also supervises meeting-room setup, cleanup and take down. Furniture moving can always be delegated!The hospitality chair may also be in charge of hospitality for Letters of Joy.

Workshop Chair(s) – The Workshop Chair(s) schedules and organizes workshops for our membership and the general public.  Responsibilities include finding a location for the workshop, communication with presenters regarding classes, transportation and room and board.  The workshop chair creates the workshop flyers, does the mailing and notifies registrants of acceptance.The workshop chair must attend the workshop to set up, provide hospitality and assist the presenter with audio-visual equipment, supplies, etc.  The chair is responsible for clean up and keeps a financial record to present to the treasurer.One half of the registration fee is waived for the workshop chair.

Membership Chair – The Membership Chair keeps an accurate list of current members and processes new memberships, maintains the list of other societies and guilds with which WOC shares information.The chair also prints the labels for the mailing of Uniquely Ours and may help, as needed, with the bulk mailing of Uniquely Ours.The chair arranges to publish the WOC Membership Roster/Resource Directory annually.

Librarian – The Librarian supervises the circulation of library materials and conducts a full physical inventory of the library every summer. The Librarian maintains an up-to-date list of all library holdings for inventory and reference inclusion in the membership directory.In addition, the Librarian sends overdue notices, bills for lost items, purchases replacement materials and maintains the Write on Calligraphers archive.

Publicity Chair – The primary responsibility of the WOC Board Publicity Chair is to inform the public about WOC meetings, workshops, exhibits, and the annual Letters of Joy conference and to raise the profile of Write On Calligraphers in the community.

Exhibits Chair – The exhibits chair arranges for group shows for the membership, sends out a call for entries and manages the exhibit process. The chair also communicates with other exhibitors, most notably Arts of the Terrace, and notifies the membership of opportunities for the membership to enter shows.The exhibits chair also coordinates volunteers to arrange the Letters of Joy exhibit.

LOJ Chair – The Letters of Joy Chair is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the WOC annual conference, usually held the first weekend of May. The LOJ Chair manages volunteer activity, monitors finances, assists with publicity and communicates with the keynote speaker.

Communications Chair – Sends out updates and emails to the membership as needed.

Nominating Committee – Contacts members to discern interest in heading a chair position.

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Current Board Members:

President Nan Robkin
Vice President Open
Treasurer Sue Gruhn
Secretary Marita Sheeran
Workshops Kathy Barker
Nan Robkin
Membership Carol Rutte
Webmanager Becky Kelly
Librarian Lyn Anderson
Newsletters Lisa Leong-Tsang
Publicity Kellie Moeller
Exhibits Susan Gale Welch
Hospitality Janice Hammock
Nancy Hammock
LOJ Chair Janice Hammock
Nancy Hammock